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Financial Packages

IRH has offered such a program now for many years and has had excellent success with it. Our live birth rate in the program has been more than 80%. We are happy that the program has had so much success. Each IVF cycle offers a chance. That chance accumulates over a number of cycles. Money back program allows patients to continue therapy without fear of paying all the costs without ultimate results.

Here are the facts: at IRH, the clinical pregnancy rates per fresh IVF cycle now exceed 50% for the best candidates. Clinical pregnancy rates for frozen embryo transfers, which offer the patients a low cost second chance, are now 30 - 40% in our program. The costs in our program have all been held down due to distribution of fixed costs over a high number of cycles. Our costs for IVF are much less than the national and regional average. Typical approximate costs including self pay and cash discounts are as follows for our program:
  • Single Fresh IVF cycle - $8,200 plus meds
  • IVF with ICSI: $9,760 plus meds ( ICSI is injection of the sperm directly into each egg)
  • Frozen Embryo Cycle: $4,500 plus meds

Money Back IVF Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee program. This program allows you to do a maximum of three fresh and three frozen in vitro fertilization cycles. The endpoint of the program is live birth. You either have a baby or you receive a 70% refund. To be a candidate for this program you have to meet at least the following entry criteria and be approved by our program

Inclusion Criteria for Money Back IVF program:
  • Patient must be less than 38 years at the start of the program

  • AMH > 1.4

  • The patient must weigh less than or equal to 200 lbs. or if over 200 lbs. have a BMI <28.

  • The patient shall have no more than two pregnancy losses unless approved by one of the physicians.

  • The patient shall have had no more than 2 previous failed IVF cycles.

  • The male should have sufficient ejaculated sperm (fresh or frozen) or TESE sperm from males with obstructive azospermia (CF carriers and vasectomy patients)

70% Refund Program

This program is in effect for 24 months. Included in the fees are 3 IVF and 3 frozen transfer cycles. Patients receive a 70% refund if there is no live birth. The following is the cost for this program:

age < 35 IVF only:

age < 35 with ICSI:

age 35-37 IVF only:

age 35-37 IVF with ICSI:





Gay couples, lesbian couples, gay families, ivf, transgenderBasically, IVF for most patients offers the best chance of conception in the briefest period of time with the least exposure to high order multiples. IVF has never been better. These new financial options may be appealing to some couples and we are happy to offer them. If you have any questions about the IVF Money Back Guarantee Program, please call our office at 513.924.5550 or
contact us today.

We also offer options for a custom Surrogacy Money Back program.


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